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Who is leading the race of innovating and commercializing the 5G standard, enforcing a new chapter for a more connected world 5G Report Key Visuals

IP Analytics & Intelligence

Who is leading the race of innovating and commercializing the 5G standard, paving the way for a more connected world?

Empowering SEP Analysts With Insights: Unveiling the Ultimate Owner Concept in LexisNexis ® IPlytics

IP Analytics & Intelligence

Empowering SEP Analysts With Insights: Unveiling the Ultimate Owner Concept in LexisNexis IPlytics

Sustainable Innovation

“Exploring the Global Sustainable Innovation Landscape: The Top 100 Companies and Beyond” reveals the companies championing innovation to solve critical sustainability challenges

IP Analytics & Intelligence

LexisNexis IPlytics Transforms WiFi Patent Landscape with Unprecedented Access to Undeclared Patent Universe for Licensing and Competitive Analysis

IP Analytics & Intelligence

LexisNexis IPlytics launches undeclared patent universe for video coding patents

Company News

LexisNexis enters into definitive agreement to acquire Aistemos and its Cipher classification platform

Company News

LexisNexis names the companies leading the future of science and technology in its “Innovation Momentum 2023: The Global Top 100” report

PatentSight JP UI on Monitor

Company News

LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions Launches Japanese Version of IP Analytics Platform

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Gaming Deputy

2023 Top 100 Global Innovation List Released: 13 Mainland Chinese Enterprises Huawei And Tencent Included

Apple World Today

Apple Makes the List of the Global Top 100 When it Comes to Innovation Momentum in 2023


CureVac: Unter den Top 100 der dynamischsten Innovatoren

Elsevier Press Release

Reaxys to enhance chemistry patents with patent provenance for greater competitive intelligence insights

IP Daily

‘Next-generation semiconductor’ technology that ‘Sony’ in Japan pays attention to

Nikkei Xtrend

SDGs goal 11, NEC expects Japan’s top Toyota Woven City in 22nd place

Tech Native

Patent Analysis Can Help Companies Avoid Being Blindsided by Competitive Threats

EE Times

Patent Trends Foretell Chipmakers’ Fortunes

IP Daily

Which company will supply the autonomous vehicle ‘LiDAR’ to ‘Apple’ in the US?

Fast Company

These 39 companies are doing corporate social responsibility right

Financial Times

Digitisation climbs up legal agenda

Science Business

Elsevier report highlights exponential growth of Chinese patents in carbon-free energy technologies

IP Watchdog

Green, Yellow, Or Red: What Color Is Your Patent Examiner and Why Should You Care?


Johnson & Johnson, Gilead and Roche are the world’s antiviral patent leaders


Moderna, Nike and TSMC among pandemic-era outperformers in patent portfolio strength


Why 5G Patent ‘Value’ Is More Important Than The ‘Number’ Of Patents

R&D World

Elsevier and LexisNexis collaborate to increase access to patent information in pharma and chemical R&D workflows

Nikkei Business

The seeds of innovation are in-house

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